Ebenezer was founded by a group of young people who share a common passion for helping those less fortunate. The organization is supported by a team of individuals who dedicate their time, talents and resources on a 100% volunteer basis. Here is a little more about Ebenezer’s Co-founders.

Alex serves as President of Ebenezer and provides strategic direction and leadership to the organization. He has a financial management and business background and currently works for a large non-profit organization. He was born in Nicaragua and moved to the U.S. at the age of 11.

Eli is the Senior Pastor of Rock of Salvation church in Rockville, Maryland. He has an extensive background in ministry, and has lead various missions programs benefiting Haiti, and Central America. He and his wife live in Ashburn, Virginia.

Paul serves as the treasurer and is in charge of the organization’s financial matters. He has a degree in Finance and is also involved in ministry work for his local church.

Danilo lives in Nicaragua and serves as Director of programs in the country. He is an entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to fighting poverty and helping to feed the hungry. He has been coordinating missions programs in Nicaragua for over 15 years now, and directed a cafeteria program that fed 1,000 children daily.