safetysecurity/>While serving abroad, the safety and security of our teams is our number one priority. Our groups travel and stay together at all times, and we only participate in activities that have been pre-approved, and coordinated with our support teams in the country of visit.
meaningfulWe want you to make the most of your time while serving abroad. This is why the missions week is filled with a planned itinerary, which involves a variety of activities. No matter what the activity might be, it will always be focused around transforming lives and making a tangible contribution in the communities that we serve.
lotsoffunAll the work done during the trip is certainly serious and important business. However, we want to make serious and important business fun to achieve! Included in our itinerary is time out for activities that will allow an opportunity to unwind and take a short break from the hard work done during the day. We even take one full day for visiting local attractions, and historic sites.



Michael Arguetta – Rockville, Maryland

My experience in Nicaragua was life changing and impacting in every way possible. What moved my heart the most on this trip was seeing the kids lifestyle and how it differs from the United States. I personally invite you to join on the next trip. It will not only change your mentality and way of thinking but it will literally grow your spiritual life and relationship with God.


Lorely Marin – Virginia, USA

I definitely can say it changed my life and I will cherish that forever. It left an imprinted message in my heart: to appreciate and value everything we have, be humble, love and be kind to one another, and don’t take your blessings for granted. It broke my heart to see the desperate need of help and being so limited was hard. But that is why I have made it my mission to go back every year with a new volunteer.