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organizationEbenezer International Outreach is a U.S. based not-for-profit organization. Our mission is to demonstrate God’s unconditional love for people through our actions and our tangible support.

We believe that the most effective form of outreach is to empower individuals with the right tools so that they can improve their own lives. Our model involves selecting a community and structuring educational and social programs to address the specific needs of that community.

Ebenezer is led and guided by biblical principles. Through our actions and our work, we want to fulfill God’s calling to reach out to the poor and the hungry.


Our vision is to provide a better future for those in need and to transform the communities in which they live.


Our mission is to help improve the lives of those in need. Our goal is to demonstrate God’s unconditional love for people through our actions and our tangible support.

In the Early 1970′s, a young Nicaraguan mother of 9 planted the seed for the work of Ebenezer International Outreach. Being a single mother, there wasn’t much left over to help outside the family, but she always found a way to help with clothing and food for those working to spread the Gospel in Nicaragua. A country that had gone through natural disasters, suffered extreme poverty, and was even going through a civil war. In many small ways, she was actively involved in helping people who were impacted by each of these events.

She dedicated the remainder of her life to her family and helping those in need. In the late 1980′s she began to sponsor churches in remote areas of the country. For several decades she worked hard to develop simple, yet effective outreach programs to deliver food, water and medical supplies to hurricane affected areas throughout the country. During her lifetime, thousands of families were impacted by her work.

Ebenezer, a Biblical term meaning “Thus far, the Lord has helped me or literally, stone of help”, became her life-long expression. She firmly believed that her strength and provision only came from God. She was called to be with the Lord in December of 2008, but her passion to serve was passed on to many people. Her legacy led to the creation of Ebenezer International Outreach.